How Renting a Car in Ras al Khaimah  Gives You Peace of Mind?

Imagine a scenario where you’re all packed up for a long-distance trip with your loved ones or buddies, you get into the car and turn on the engine, but something doesn’t seem right, your engine sputters and struggles to come alive.

After a few more attempts, it’s obvious that you won’t have any alternative choice but to postpone your trip and make an appointment with your friendly neighborhood mechanic.

But you may not have to postpone your long-awaited trip? With a trusted car rental service available at your fingertips, you won’t have to!

Very few people understand how handy it is to rent a car, not only is it less expensive, it can also be a life saver for situations like the one depicted above.

It’s possible to easily book a rental car on the spot and have it sent right to your front doorstep in no time. Beyond the ease, there are many perks that come with renting a car when you engage a good car rental firm that handles your needs from the minute you book a car until the minute you drop it off.

We’ve compiled a summary of how renting a car gives you the reassurance you need for any occasion and transportation needs.

Insurance coverage

Cruise with full confidence across the  Ras al Khaimah  and neighboring Ajman knowing that we have got you covered! Our cars are all insured to make sure you and your passengers are guarded on the road.

Be it rain or shine, now you can hit the road with no fears when taking any of our cars out for a spin.

Complete Mechanical Maintenance & Servicing

Your safety is our main concern, as such we accept the obligation to ensure that our cars are safe and able to be driven.

Be assured that our cars go through regular complete mechanical maintenance and servicing consistent with industry standards.

24/7 Breakdown and towing

We know that life is unknown, there will be good days and poor days, and there will be days when your rented car undoubtedly runs into trouble on the road.

Car trouble can occur anywhere and at any time during the day, regardless of the situation our team will be on hand 24/7 to help you, be it a flat tire or overheating engine, just give us a call and we’ll go to your rescue.

Replacement vehicle

It’s not necessary to have to let car troubles dampened your day, we notice that it is our obligation to provide you with a smooth journey from the beginning to the end.

In the event of a breakdown, you don’t have to let your plans come to a screeching halt, in addition to our 24/7 breakdown and towing service, our team will also bring along a replacement vehicle that is of better quality for you to go about your business or carry on your trip.

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